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Jaco's core strengths of creative analytical thinking, empathy, and negotiation skills serve as valuable assets in his role. This allows him to approach situations with a fresh and innovative perspective. This skill enables him to think critically, analyze complex information, and identify unique solutions to meet the diverse needs of sellers and buyers. By applying creative analytical thinking, Jaco can navigate challenges, uncover opportunities, and devise strategies that lead to successful outcomes for all parties involved.

In his time working for multiple real estate companies and understanding trades, he has achieved top referrer and conjunctional sales awards and risen to be one of Ray Whites Top 10 sales agents Waikato wide.

Understanding what truly matters to homeowners and buyers allows him to tailor his approach, provide relevant information, and offer personalised solutions that meet their specific needs.

Jaco's commitment to ensuring that his clients can be on the move, this is a testament to his dedication and proactive approach as a real estate salesperson. Always being on the move Jaco is available, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile to assist clients in their search for their next home and get the results you need.

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