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Hi, I’m Tod Foster, and I’d like to represent you in your next series of real estate decisions, with an eye toward the ultimate sale. I’m experienced, ready, and hard-working – and I feel certain that we’ll share in a successful and fulfilling outcome.

I feel energised and passionate about residential real estate because of the life-changing and uplifting effect it has on people, particularly my clients!
Whether you’re seeking to cash-in on your wealth creation through past wise investment, developing your portfolio for the future, or seeking to secure a warm and comfortable long-term home for your family, I can get the job done for you.

Buying or selling, my goal is to understand your motives and non-negotiable criteria, before setting up a marketing and sales plan that fully takes account of your circumstances. I have a strong understanding of the Waikato market and I know what people are looking for within specific communities and suburbs.

I have previously been employed in construction roles and in most recent years, I have been personally involved in the building process for my own homes. Knowing the building process means I frequently appeal to a range of investors and developers. However, my six years of selling homes has allowed me to increasingly work with first-time buyers (and sellers!), and, thanks to repeat business, I’ve also enjoyed helping many of my family-focused clients progress up the property ladder as their equity has increased over time.

I work hard to achieve the best possible result every time. I commit to regular communication and transparent feedback, along with enduring enthusiasm, genuine motivation, and a focus on the end-goal.

In my day-to-day activities, I get much satisfaction in pin-pointing opportunities that may have gone unnoticed by others. I stick to set routines and structure (such as morning/evening calls), and I have a willingness and an ability to learn and quickly adapt to new and changing environments.
We’re now well in to the 21st century and we’re in a growing, dynamic, and ever-changing environment in the Waikato region. These are exciting times, and I want to be part of your success.

Let’s get started on something big. Give me a call today.

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