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Wenshu Du

Property Manager


Hello! Kiā ora! Nín hǎo!

My name is Wenshu, I have called Hamilton home for over 20 years and my highest priority will be looking after you!. I am fluent in both Mandarin and English plus also semi fluent in Cantonese and I am also a property investor.

I am a diligent and effective communicator who is keen to understand your property needs. I enjoy a challenge, am a thorough and efficient person and will enjoy taking care of both your tenants and your property. I understand the importance of selecting the right tenant for your property so as to enjoy a long and productive tenancy. 

In addition to my vast customer service experience, I have earned a double degree in Marketing and Management at Wintec, and recently completed the Introduction to Managing Residential Property in New Zealand. 

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening and social dance.

If you are looking for a professional, that has integrity, expertise and experience then contact me today!


我叫文姝,把Hamilton当作第二个家已经快20多年了,非常荣幸能有这样的机会来为您提供服务! 我能说流利的普通话和英语,也能听懂大部分的广东话,同时我也是一名房地产投资者。




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